Background Information
Films Barbie: Mariposa and the Fairy Princess
Animator Check IMDB for list
Designer Check IMDB for list
Voiced By Maryke Hendrikse
Character Information
Full Name Princess Catania
Aliases Catania
Age 16
Gender Female
Personality Kind, helpful, friendly...
Appearance Blonde, blue eyes, light skin
Species Crystal Fairy
Occupation Princess
Likes Mariposa, flying (formerly)
Dislikes Gwyllion
Allies Mariposa
Enemies Gwyllion
Powers Flight
Weapons None
Fate Any answer?
Father Regellius
Pets Anu


Since this has the #{{#switch:{{{gender}}} code, the color will automatically become this beautiful shade of blue. See below for example of the infobox with the Gender part filled in as "Male."
Background Information
Voiced By  ??
Character Information
Gender Male
Occupation King
Daughter Catania
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