Alas, I am not personally familiar with the subject of the film. This is a translation of the first part (test). I could not recognize some phrases. Here the translation of all the words in the characters from the first series (not including songs from the middle of the series).

  • Dialog men and women in the carriage :

- To keep the way, ma'am?

- In Chirkenpul, sir.

- And so he knows what happened to you, with me, with all of them? It was a very, very long time. Would not it be you or me or them.

- How is it?

- It was a long, long time ago, when there was not even the coaches, went by sea only one caravel. Have you ever heard of sea mermaids?

- Which sink ships?

- How do you know? A... Yes, yes. I know, I know. I know all about you. Do not believe me? Listen:

(It starts with the story of history, replaced by a frame view appears seabed).

Far, far away there's an old-old sea and fish in the sea... they are there so many... maybe you lived there too, huh? 

(Appears ship)

  • These people on the ship:

- Mermaids!

- Places! (There is music, swimming mermaid ship sinks).


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